“What If?” As Explored By Christopher Guy’s Ana Hester
“What If?” As Explored By Christopher Guy’s Ana Hester by Katapult Marketing / with 0 comments

It’s always a pleasure to bring you the best and latest in the world of interior design at DRC, and this month we have a special treat for you. Giving privileged insight into the Christopher Guy Mademoiselle Collection, Ana Hester – Christopher Guy’s Director of Sales in the Americas – has written as a guest blogger for us, and explains exactly how the teamwork of his pieces makes his dream work.

Do you sometimes wonder about alternate possibilities?

What if Christmas was the 15th of August instead of the 25th of December?

What would Barcelona look like if Gaudi was still alive?  What would we see from Vuitton today if Mark Jacobs had not been Creative Director?

Well, most outcomes will remain elusive, we will never know…

But what if you could go back in time to Paris and peek into Coco Chanel's Rue Cambon apartment …say, when Gabrielle was 37 years old? What if the same apartment had been designed and furnished by Christopher Guy? This vision becomes reality as Christopher Guy brings the "Mademoiselle Penthouse" center stage. A real apartment setting featuring CG's iconic Mademoiselle Collection is on permanent view in CG's corporate showrooms in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles… To find out what is possible with Chanel inspired home furnishings, visit Designer Resource Center in Boca Raton to see the product first hand or log on to www. Christopherguy.com and choose "Mademoiselle" under Collections. C'est magnifique!