The New Style
The New Style by NMG Team / with 0 comments

Millennials are changing the world and are molding the future. They are setting the trends and we’re noticing. Three things we think are signature to their style are keeping things modern, staying minimalistic, and being technology driven.

We’re moving towards a more modern and technology-driven society. Minimalistic style is in but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have everything we want. Our phones let us do everything and access everything. Virtually, nothing is off limits. We can do everything from our phones – browse the web, watch TV, and even design.

Millennials are thought of to be the most trendsetting, forward thinking, and money spending generations. As we embark on this New Year, keep it fresh and modern by following their trends. To our designers, friends, and clients, let us know if you will be looking towards millennials for inspiration this year.