Back To Cool – Updating A Child’s Room
Back To Cool – Updating A Child’s Room by Katapult Marketing / with 0 comments

As children grow older they outgrow the rooms that saw their youngest days. No longer do they enjoy the colorful butterflies or shooting stars on the wall, the race car beds, and dinosaur sheets. Sometimes parents don’t understand that updating a child’s bedroom isn’t as simple as repainting the walls or changing out an accessory. Changing a book shelf, switching out dressers, or adding an accent mirror will instantly bring a room to a different level, and a designer would know that bringing in new furniture pieces is a quick way to illustrate a child is growing up. But wouldn’t you agree that if some of you are brought in for this kind of update, it would also have the added value of finding signature pieces that are specific to the personality of the growing child? The Dielle Line by Gruppo Doimo, pictured above, is a children’s line that would look great in any room, and is a great way to show the individual personality of each child. Have any other ideas on updating a child’s room? Share them with us on Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook using the hashtag #DRC.